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We share information on good governance and also leverage the knowledge resources of our collaborative partners. We conduct collaborative works in line with the "Knowledge Partnership" we have developed with organizations such as the Value Reporting Foundation, The Council of Europe (CoE), OECD OPSI, Association of Civil Society Development Center (STGM), TUSIAD, and Turkish Investor Relations Society.


To create a greater impact, we prefer to collaborate with national or international partners from diverse sectors rather than undertaking a task on our own. In order to maintain the reputation and sustainability of our programs, we always engage in collaboration with the most suitable partners. Through the support/services we mobilize without allocating a specific amount (leveraging effect), we find opportunities to generate more value with less real budget.


We effectively publicize our efforts to promote good governance across various segments of society through our Deployment Partners. In doing so, we create value for both ourselves and our partners, while also drawing attention to the collective benefits provided by the culture of collaboration.